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The Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor helps you prepare all your favourite recipes, without sacrificing space or performance.

The brand NEW Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor is perfect for any food lover who enjoys creating their own delicious dishes.

Brought to you by Kenwood, the trusted food preparation experts with more than 70 years of British engineering excellence, Kenwood’s newest food processor has been made with the objective of being easy and effective to use, so that more people can get creative in the kitchen.

From salsa and snacks to pizza dough, this compact food processor has the power to handle it all.

The ultra-compact food processor boasts an array of functions.

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Big ideas start small, and that can’t be more true when it comes to the MultiPro Go. This punchy food processor can chop, slice, grate and serve directly to your plate, all within a footprint that’s small enough to store on your kitchen worktop or in a drawer.

With an intelligent, premium-quality design that Kenwood is renowned for, this ultra-compact food processor boasts an array of functions designed to help save time and effort when preparing meals.

Offering powerful versatility, the MultiPro Go covers all essential food preparation, helping keen cooks create delicious dinners in a hurry. Chopping, grating, slicing, pureeing and making dough.

Features and benefits.

  • 360° Express Serve™ Quick, easy, and unlimited slicing/grating into a pan, plate or container or chopping away into the main bowl.
  • Store In-Drawer Ultra-compact, ready-to-go in your kitchen drawer or cupboard (30cm high).
  • Stack ‘n Store™ Keeps all food preparation tools in one place.
  • Powerful Versatility It has the power to cover all essential food preparation tasks, including chopping, grating, slicing, pureeing, and making dough.
  • Ultra-Compact Footprint 20% smaller than our next smallest food processor*, it takes up minimal worktop and cupboard space.
  • EasyStore™ Cable Storage Keeps drawers and cupboards tidy and prevents excess cord on the worktop.
  • Ultimate Simplicity Ultra-easy operation – operate with just one button for complete control.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Dishwasher-safe tools help save time on cleaning up as well as food preparation.

Where can I buy the MultiPro Go Food Processor?

The Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor will be available online at Kenwood and from all major New Zealand retailers from April 1st 2023. The food processor is available in two colours; choose from Storm Blue or Red Clay.


*20% more compact than Kenwood’s FDP30 series.

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My Dream machine

5 out of 5

this is the machine i want, i love it so much i wish i can win it

Compact & easy

4.95 out of 5

I love how compact The Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor is! Fits into my drawer so well. It’s easy to use making cooking/making food much easier. Also very easy to clean. I love the colour.

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Mini Blitz

4.8 out of 5

I love the size of this food processor. It's the perfect size for everything that I'd use it for. It has a small footprint and, in my opinion, one of the best things, it's dishwasher safe!! I used this first to blitz up a whole lot of veggies to hide in mince for nachos. It minced them up so small, I was very impressed! I look forward to using the slicer/grater with the 360º Express Serve attachment.

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A culinary sidekick for kitchen adventures!

4.75 out of 5

If you're like me and don’t have lightning-fast knife skills or struggle with achieving that fine chop this will be your new best friend! We made the viral green goddess salad (if you know, you know). The Kenwood Multipro effortlessly turned the salad base into a beautifully chopped masterpiece. Then blended the dressing ingredients till smooth. It handles those tedious, time-consuming tasks with such ease, giving you more time to enjoy the creative cooking process. But chopping is just the beginning! The pulse action easily combined the base ingredients of a raw ginger slice before blending the top layer ingredients till velvety smooth. Oh, and let's not forget about slicing! Scalloped potatoes, anyone? With its precision slicing feature it delivered impeccable results. What I truly appreciate about this food processor is its sleek design and compact size ensuring it won't take up too much valuable space as well as being user-friendly. It's incredibly intuitive and straightforward to use. I should mention it’s dishwasher friendly but we don’t have a dishwasher so what was important to me was that it was easy to clean and it didn’t disappoint.

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Small but Mighty!

4.65 out of 5

This wee food processor is so easy to use, is powerful and SO easy to clean. The handle on the bowl isn’t super user friendly but it’s manageable. I’ve used it to blitz veggies, nuts and legumes and it makes easy work if all these things.

Speedy little food processor

4.1 out of 5

We used this food processor to blitz tomatoes and spinach for a Chicken Saag Curry. It was light to handle but felt sturdy. The handle is a little shallow but isn’t a problem. We haven’t used it for slicing or dough yet, but will try that soon.

Comment image

Great little machine

4.05 out of 5

Great compact machine! I used mine to make a raw slice which has lots of tough nuts such as almonds but the Food Processor did a great job of cutting everything up finely. One thing I that could have been better was the handle, I found it a bit difficult to hold and pour but other than that it was excellent!

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